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Government & Compliance

If you need a lawyer to assist you or your business with a government or regulatory compliance issue, contact Anderson Fredericks Turner.

Call today if you are seeking to enforce your rights and uphold your reputation.

Corporate Regulators
Commissions and Tribunals
Crime Commissions
Coronial Inquests

Corporate Regulators



Anderson Fredericks Turner can help you or your business to deal with issues associated with professional and corporate regulation.

We work to identify the risks of action being taken that is against the interest of you or your business, or may involve dealing with a prosecution relating to a breach of a law or standard.

We focus on providing practical solutions and achieving outcomes for our clients to allow them to get on with their work. If you seek to know if our team can help you, contact us for a free case assessment.

Professional Disciplinary Issues

Commonwealth Agencies

Queensland Agencies

Local Government

Work Health & Safety

Contraventions & Enforcement

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Commissions & Tribunals


Royal Commissions

The role of a Royal Commission is to publicly inquire into issues (usually being controversial or significant in nature) with the objective being to make findings and recommendations to guide policy decisions.

The powers of Royal Commissions are considerable. Individuals, businesses or other entities may be required to produce evidence or be called as witnesses.

If you must appear before a Royal Commission, it is important to understand the legal issues involved – such as with respect to adverse comments or possible recommendations for criminal prosecution.

Royal Commissions

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Fair Work Commission

Human Rights Commissions

QCAT (Administrative Tribunal)

QIRC (Industrial Commission)

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Crime Commissions



Anderson Fredericks Turner can help you navigate compliance with compulsory examinations or hearings before various crime commissions.

Our lawyers have experience assisting individuals before crime commissions, such as the Crime and Corruption Commission and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (Australian Crime Commission).

We have the size, skill and experience to assist you to deal with the issues you may face. If you seek legal advice or representation, contact our criminal lawyers for a free case assessment.

ACIC (Crime Commission)

ASIC – Criminal Investigations

Crime & Corruption Commission

Integrity Commission (Federal)

Attending Crime Commissions

Powers to Coerce Evidence

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Coronial Inquests


Experienced Advocates

As experienced courtroom advocates, our lawyers are able to represent individuals, family members, and witnesses for coronial inquests and hearings.

Getting the right lawyer can help you to ensure the right questions get asked and answered during a coronial inquest. We have lawyers with experience with inquests in Queensland and New South Wales.

We are able to assist individuals and families with issues involving coronial inquests, from advocating on their behalf for one to be held right through to appealing the findings of a coroner.

Inquests in Qld

Investigations by a Coroner

Decision to Hold an Inquest

Witnesses at Coronial Inquests

Coroner’s Findings at Inquests

Appeals & Reviews of Inquests

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