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We provide comprehensive advice and representation in the areas of employment law, criminal law and regulatory compliance.

Our lawyers provide discreet, authoritative and tailored representation.

If you are facing a situation that may impact on your liberty, reputation, safety or employment security, our lawyers can help you. Our firm prides itself on supporting clients at every point.

The results we consistently achieve for our clients justifies our reputation as a leading law firm across Queensland.

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For employment law issues, we prioritise the immediate needs of our clients. Whether you are an employee or an employer, we can help you.

We maintain a practical and outcome-based focus to allow our clients to make informed decisions that maximise the result that can be achieved while minimising legal fees. Contact our team today to discuss your matter.

Our firm is independently recommended as a leading criminal law firm across Queensland. With a strong commitment to human rights, we work to make our services accessible to all people.

For criminal law cases, our focus is ensuring our clients work with a dedicated and experienced criminal lawyer to achieve a just outcome.

Regulation affects businesses and individuals alike. Our lawyers can assist you to deal with any regulatory compliance issues.

Regulators may take action that can result in civil or criminal consequences. If you need authoritative advice and expert representation, we can assist you every step of the way.

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